System Operator Authorisation Application Form
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Should any documentation be required by the SARB or PASA, you will be notified.
  1. Declaration:
    I, duly authorised by the applicant hereby apply on behalf of the applicant for authorisation of the applicant to act as system operator (SO) for a period of 1 (one) year.

  2. The Applicant
    1. Operates a system;
    2. which system is used to provide a service;
    3. to the persons below;
    4. in respect of payment instructions; and
    5. the volumes of which exceed 10,000 (Ten Thousand) transactions/payment instructions per month or the value of which exceeds R10,000,000.00 (Ten Million Rand) per month in respect of all the services it is providing.

  3. Services
    1. The applicant provides/will provide a service to the following persons :
      NOTE: Please provide the names of the two largest clients.
      1. *
    2. The applicant provides/will provide services in respect of the following:

  4. Confirmation
      I confirm that the applicant is conforming to all the requirements as set out in the Criteria for Authorisation to act as System Operator in the SARB Directive for System Operators No. 2 of 2007 and that I have read and fully understand the Criteria for Authorisation to act as System Operator with regards to:
    1.  Financial Criteria
      • A certified copy of the report of the external auditors in respect of the latest financial year will be provided electronically to
    2. Operational and Technical Criteria
      • I confirm that the applicant has an appropriate documented business continuity plan.
      • I confirm that the applicant has an appropriate documented disaster recovery plan.
      • I confirm that the applicant take note of the minimum network requirements outlined in this document.
    3. Legal and Contractual Requirements
    4. Risk Requirements
    5. Reporting Requirements
    6. Compliance:
      1. Card PCI/DS
      2. Card EMV
      3. Card 3D Secure
      4. EFT Debit ABB Name
      5. AEDO ABB Name
      6. AEDO PSSF Membership
      7. NAEDO ABB Name
      8. NAEDO PSSF Membership
    7. I confirm that the applicant is not involved in any activity that results in the bypass of clearing or sorting-at-source.

    NOTE: In the event of providing a service in respect of cards, Certification or Registration and Confirmation by a Card Association is required:

    NOTE: Certified copies of the applicant's audited financial statements could be requested by the SARB or PASA.
  5. Reporting Requirements
    I confirm that the applicant will report:
    1. Any material changes to its management, ownership and nature of business;
    2. Any other information that the SA Reserve Bank may require from time to time in terms of section 10 of the NPS Act.

  6. Application Fee
    I agree that the prescribed non-refundable application fee of R10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Rand) and an additional once-off payment of R2,000.00 per payment stream has/will be paid to PASA. The fees quoted are exclusive of V.A.T.
  7. Renewal Fee
    I acknowledge that in the event of an annual renewal of the authorisation, PASA may refuse to renew the authorisation or delay or conditionally extend the authorisation for a stipulated period to enable the applicant to achieve compliance. An annual renewal fee of R2,000.00 (excluding V.A.T.) will be payable once an invoice has been issued by PASA.
  8. Expiry
    I acknowledge that my authorisation expires on: 27/08/2021 .
  9. Termination
    I confirm that the applicant will if it wishes to discontinue or terminate the provision of services as a SO notify PASA of its intention to do so at least 3 (three) months before the termination date in which event the authorisation granted to it will be withdrawn.
  10. Dispute
    Escalation process in terms clause 6. of the "Criteria for the Authorisation to Act as a System Operator".
  11. General
    I acknowledge that in the event that the applicant fails to meet the criteria and requirements set out in this document, PASA may refuse to authorise the applicant as a SO.